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Case Management Software by PlanStreet

Providing incredible levels of scalability, performance and security through the best hosting platforms available in the market, PlanStreet is the place to go for all your case management needs. Case management software offered by these experts are so comprehensive that they actually feature HIPAA compliance requirements and great security. Explore more wisdom about Patient case management.

Case management software available at PlanStreet can quickly automate forms as well as all sorts of manual processes. Users can access them from just about anywhere from their home to the actual workplace. Stakeholders, service providers and caseworkers are able to access the software with ease; imagine the convenience of having all the relevant data at the tip of your fingers.

All of the case management software that PlanStreet provides are customized for the specific requirements of the healthcare, company and community service organization that signs up for it. Case management software eliminates almost all of the paperwork and manual process in day-to-day operation, creating a secure and safe platform for all users. To remark the understanding about raci model, visit the link.

Crucial Components in the Case Management Software of PlanStreet

Needs Assessment

Basically, this will involve the detailed gathering in the Intake stage of using PanStreet. The responsibility of the entire stage falls on the shoulders of the manager; this includes a clear understanding with the client in having considerable knowledge of all the possible challenges in the future and to know more regarding its goals.

Service Planning
Case managers will be the ones to support and take action of the client’s requirement; especially when you consider that the client already gathered all information and resources at this point in time. The manager has to thoroughly plan every step and set specific target and goals for the entire team.

Evaluation and Monitoring

Each and every service provided to clients have to be thoroughly monitored and evaluated. By doing so, they can be rest assured that clients will receive the level of satisfaction they hoped for. Evaluation is crucial in knowing how the services made impacts on the client.

Key Features

Case Management and Service Delivery

Service delivery, program management and managing case data can all be offered in a single place. Users can track the entire lifecycle of case management and service delivery success with ease through PlanStreet. Apart from that, nonprofit organizations are able to build numerous programs that aim to provide sustainable and useful service for all existing and potential members. Increase your knowledge through visiting this link

Alerts, Workflows, Forms and Approvals
PlanStreet’s case management software configure forms without a hitch and as often as required; it’s comprised of conditionality features and time-saving data validation. The system effectively simplified the process with the use of alerting, intuitive workflow and other digital signature features.

Configurable Dashboards

PlanStreet enable their client to experience end-to-end views with configurable dashboards. The dashboard provide many planning programs and services through guide plans and intuitive user experience.

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